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VAT Return Filing in UAE

VAT Return Filing in UAE

Most of the registered businesses in UAE are expected to file their first quarterly VAT return for Jan-Mar'18 by 28th April, 2018. The VAT returns in UAE are online returns. The registered businesses are required to generate VAT returns in an acceptable format as prescribed by FTA and upload the return file in the portal.

What is the VAT Return Filing Process for UAE VAT ?

The VAT tax returns will most probably be filed online, and there will be no facility for filing tax returns offline or manually. So, the businesses need to get themselves familiar with the online VAT filing process. Upon registration on the VAT portal, each taxpayer will be given a unique TIN and password for their online account on the website. These details are to be used to file returns online. Follow the steps below.

  • Visit the online portal of the Federal Tax Authority at
  • Click the return filing option under the e-services section of the portal
  • Log in using your TIN and password
  • Fill in the VAT return form with the details of your business, transactions, tax liability, penalties (if any), etc.
  • Upload the required documents, bills, etc.
  • Verify the details filled by you and submit the form

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