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VAT Return Form under UAE VAT

What are the Particulars to be filled in a VAT Return Form under UAE VAT ?

The UAE VAT Executive Regulations has prescribed the mandatory information which needs to be declared by the registered person in his VAT Return. The following are the particulars which need to be filled in the VAT Return :

  • The name, address and the TRN of the Registrant :
    The Tax Registration Number (TRN) provided by the FTA needs to be furnished in all the VAT Returns. Based on the TRN number, the name and address details are expected to be auto-populated.
  • The date of submission :
    Here, the date on which returns are submitted will be captured.
  • Tax Period :
    Tax Period is the return period to which the Tax Return relates.
  • Details of the Supplies (sales) made in the VAT return period :
    You need to furnish the value of supplies (sales) and output VAT collected during the return period.
  • Standard Rated Supplies :
    This includes all the domestic supplies on which 5% VAT is applicable. Further, these details need to be furnished at the emirates level as shown below :
    1. Standard rated supplies in Abu Dhabi
    2. Standard rated supplies in Dubai
    3. Standard rated supplies in Sharjah
    4. Standard rated supplies in Ajman
    5. Standard rated supplies in Umm Al Quwain
    6. Standard rated supplies in Ras Al Khaimah
    7. Standard rated supplies in Fujairah
  • Zero rate Supplies :
    The details of notified supplies which are under Zero-rated list needs to be furnished in this section.
  • Exempt Supplies :
    Supplies such as financial services, residential building etc. which are notified as exempt supplies need to be captured here.
  • Reverse Charge Supplies :
    Supplies such as imports and other notified supplies on which the recipient or buyer is liable to pay VAT on reverse charge mechanism.
  • Intra GCC Supplies :
    Supplies made to customers registered for VAT in other GCC implementing states and for which the place of supply is the other GCC implementing state needs to be captured here.
  • Details of the expenses (Purchases) made in the VAT return period :
    You need to declare the value of expenses incurred on which you are eligible to recover Input Tax and the amount of Recoverable Input Tax in the VAT return period. Please note, the value of input tax credit which is restricted or which you are not eligible to claim, should be reduced from the total and only the net value needs to be mentioned. Also, the total expenses and recoverable Input Tax needs to be shown separately for standard rated expenses (on which 5% VAT was paid) and the expenses, subject to reverse charge.
  • The total value of Due Tax and Recoverable Tax :
    You need to mention the total output tax collected and recoverable input tax during the return period.
  • Payable Tax :
    This will be arrived at, after adjusting the Output Tax with Recoverable Input Tax. If output VAT is higher than input VAT, it will result in VAT Payable. Otherwise, it will be VAT refundable which can be carried forward to next return period or can be claimed as a refund.

The above are the some of the mandatory details which need to be furnished in the VAT return form. Apart from the above mandatory details which is applicable for most of the businesses in UAE, the return format consist other additional details listed below.

  • Profit Margin Scheme
  • Goods transferred to GCC implementing states
  • VAT paid on personal imports via Agents
  • Transportation of own goods to other GCC states
  • Recoverable VAT paid in other GCC implementing states
  • Tax Refunds for Tourists Scheme provided

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